The Holy Rosary in the Divine Will

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will


I sign my nothingness with the Holy Cross to call the Divine Will to rise in my little soul to restore and recreate the Divine Will in all souls and to impetrate the Blessed Trinity’s Likeness upon my soul especially Beauty, Wisdom and Sublimity.


In the name of all , I call You Celestial Mama as Our Lady of the Holy Rosary ,I also call the Holy Acts of the Little Children in the Divine Will Past ,Present, and Future particularly those of Mamina Luisa and St.Hannibal Di Francia to join me in this Holy Rosary done in the Divine Will to extend & expand the Kingdom of the Divine Will  in my nothingness and to hasten the Coming of the Kingdom in the Hearts of  all. Likewise  ,I call the Acts of all the Angels and Saints particularly the Apostles of the Holy Rosary:

  • St. Dominic  Guzman – who received instructions  from Mama Mary  in 1214 in the midst of a storm to pray the Holy Rosary to convert the Albigensians from Heresy
  • St. Louis De Monfort – who revealed the Secrets of the Holy Rosary
  • Blessed Alan de Laroche – who became the Apostle of the Holy Rosary ,responsible for the  Its structure as It is known now
  • St.Philomena – who protects the Children of the Holy Rosary in all generations
  • Blessed Jacinta, Blessed Francisco and Sr.Lucia –who received the utmost importance of the Holy Rosary at Fatima
  • St. Pope Leo XIII – the Pope of the Rosary who issued a great number of Encyclicals on the Efficacy of the Holy Rosary                              
  • St. Pope Pius V – who established the Feast of the Rosary to commemorate the Church Victory over the Turks
  • Blessed Pope John Paul II – who instituted the Luminous Mystery
  • All for their Accidental Happiness and  for the Triune God’s Infinite Glory!!!

Sweetest Celestial Mama, please declare:  “Let us go, let us go . It is one from Our Family that is calling Us to fulfill the duties of the Family to which We belong”. To do this Act of Adoration which I,  in the name of All, want to do and the Divinity to receive It. ( Vol17,October 2,1924) Further, I pray this Holy Rosary together with the Creative Power of the Will of the Father ,the  Infinite Wisdom of Jesus, and the Immense Love of the Holy Spirit.


Fused in the Omnipotent Fiat , I dive into the Triumphant  Seas of Graces and Glory of the Celestial Mama and take possession of the merits of these Seas especially the fruits of praying the Holy Rosary and diffuse /enclose these to All in particular  for these intentions:( Part of  Offering from the Seven Petitions of the Precious Blood)

  • The propagation and exaltation of the Holy Catholic Church
  • The unification of all Churches into the Body of Christ
  • New seeds of Faith to sprout and the resurgence of Faith  to grow in the creatures
  • The safety and protection of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI and to lead him to the Truths in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
  • The College of Bishops and the Collective Body of the Clergy to be disposed to know, love, adore and possess the Divine Will
  • The needs of all the Clergy: Repentance, Transformation & Healing to those that have fallen and Sanctification to those who are faithful to their vows
  • Wisdom and true reigning for all Leaders and Monarchs to bring Peace and Concord of Nations
  • Conversion of all sinners especially the obstinate ones
  • Repentance and Conversion of unbelievers especially Atheists, Agnostics , Freemasons and all Sectarians
  •  Extirpation of all Heresies such as Apostasy, Schism & Communism
  • Those who are about to commit mortal sin that they may be drawn to repentance
  • The poor, the downtrodden, the marginalized ,those sick in body ,mind & spirit particularly those in great tribulation affected by Divine Justice
  • Those who are about to die that they may be preserved from the Eternal fires of Hell and be readily admitted to Heaven
  • Those who are already in Purgatory especially the abandoned & least prayed for and for our Beloved dead that they may find refreshment or release to the Celestial Fatherland
  • And for all who are faithful to Jesus & Mary to give them the full grace of firmness and Perseverance to become Holy as God is Holy! And thus lead them to the highest Sanctity which is  the DIVINE WILL
  • To draw everyone to the order, purpose and place for which all  were created which is the KINGDOM OF THE DIVINE WILL

CREDO ( JANUARY 29,1919 Vol.12)

“ My Jesus, my Love as I enter Your Volition in the Credo,I intend to redo and repair all Acts of Faith which Creatures fail to do ,all the disbeliefs and the lack of Adoration which is due to God as our Creator.”

And so in my nothingness, I pray in the name of all, I believe in God…

PATER NOSTER ( APRIL 14, 1923 Vol. 15)

I keep company the Divine Will as I enter in the very Act of Jesus praying the Pater Noster. In the name of all, I recognize , receive and take possession all the merits & benefits of His prayer especially His total abandonment  to the Father and diffuse & enclose to all “To give man his state of Origin which is to live in the Divine Will, his Mobility which is to partake in the goods  that the Divine Will contains and the Purpose for which he was created  by God.”

In my nothingness, I pray in the name of All, Our Father…

AVE MARIA ( AUGUST 15,1899 Vol. 2)

Jesus says “ the first canticle that they sang to  My Mama was” Hail Mary” because in the Hail Mary there are the most beautiful praises ,the greatest honors and the joy which She felt in being made Mother of God is renewed. Therefore, let us recite it together to honor Her and when you come to Paradise I will let you find it as if you had recited it together with the Angels and the Saints for the first time in Heaven”

To give Praises, Honor and Glory to the Mother of God , I pray in the name of all, this Canticle of Love with all of my heart together with Jesus and all the Angels & Saints; I kiss Her with the kiss of Jesus at every instant so that each word will carry a unique and immense Light through which I can comprehend many things about You, O Most Holy Virgin!

In my nothingness, I pray in the name of all , Hail Mary…

GLORIA ( MARCH 2.1926 VOL.19)

Prostrate ourselves before Your Supreme Majesty in the name of all, we take possession of all the merits  and benefits of declaring the Doxology  as it should be and diffuse to all:

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, may we see the Creative Power flowing everywhere, preserving everything and giving life to all.

IN THE NAME OF THE SON, may we see the works of the Word renewed, ordered and all in the Act of filling Heaven and Earth to give themselves for the good of Creation.

IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, may we see all things invested with Love – speaking , operative and vivifying.

In my nothingness, I pray in the name of All, Glory Be…


Supreme Will, Come to reign upon the Earth! Invest all generations! Win and conquer all, hurry,  and   do   not delay any longer!

(The soul says the 5 decades of the Mystery chosen: Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous or Glorious, doing a Round on the Life of Jesus in every decade to keep company the Divine Will in the Redemptive  or Sanctifiying Acts in the Fiat ,placing our little “ I love You’s” in every  Act in return for  the Awesome “I Love You’s of the Divine Will.  Likewise recognizing ,receiving and taking possession of  the office, merits & benefits ,graces & blessings, values & effects of the  Act of Jesus where the soul is present accompanying the Divine Will; diffusing and enclosing all of these upon all creatures in all generations to make reparations for all sins, to substitute for all good acts as these are still in done in the human will, so that all acts  from the first to the last ,fused with Jesus’ Act will now be sanctified, and be reordered from the human will into Divine Will. Thus while praying the Holy Rosary ,the soul in her nothingness, brings about the hastening of the Kingdom of God on Earth as It is in Heaven.)


“To my Celestial Queen , this little child of the Divine Will comes to prostrate herself at your feet … to give you honors of Queen. And together with me ,I call the whole of Creation to surround you like a Crown – the Angels, Saints, the Heavens, the Stars, the Sun, and everyone to recognize You as our Queen, to honor and love Your Height, and to declare ourselves Your subjects. “

And so in my nothingness, I declare in the name of all, Hail Holy Queen…


Then, the evening came of this day consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary ,Queen of Victories and of Triumphs. And this is another beautiful sign that, just as the Sovereign Lady conquered Her Creator, and bejeweling Him with Her Chains of Love, She drew Him from Heaven to earth, to make Him form the Kingdom of Redemption, so will the sweet and powerful beads of Her Rosary make Her victorious and triumphant again before the Divinity, conquering the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat , to make It come into the midst of the creatures!



6 thoughts on “The Holy Rosary in the Divine Will

  1. Greetings Dear Blogger,

    Thank you for doing me the honor of visiting my blog. I enjoy your blog very much. I am following you and will supply a link to you for my readers. The rosary is very special to me. I often read the Divine Will mediations concerning the mysteries of the rosary. Thank you Jesus for myself, thank You for all!

    Love and Fiat,

    • All honor and glory to the Triune God who gave us Mama Mary and praises to our Queen for the Holy Rosary! Whatever my nothingness does in this blog is to hasten the coming of the Kingdom upon the Earth! Fiat always!!!

    • Thanks in the Fiat for loving the Holy Rosary! Whatever my nothingness does in this blog is to hasten the coming of the Kingdom! Please see in the same blogspot the interpretation that Mama Mary inspired me to do on the Third Secret of Fatima. Blessings of the Divine Will upon us all !

      Fiat, Deo Gracias!

    • Bless you in the Fiat! We do not have an official meditation on the Luminous Mystery but I’d like to suggest the ff:1. The Baptism of Jesus – read and reflect Volume 11, March 13, 1912, The Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta; 2.The Miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana- read and reflect Meditation 6 , The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will; 3.The preaching of Jesus, announcing His Kingdom -read and reflect Volume 13,JUne 2,1921, The Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta; 4.The Transfiguration- read and reflect Volume 12, January29,1919, the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta; 5.The Institution of the Eucharist – read and reflect Volume 14,March 24, 1922, the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta.
      Thanking you for your interest to pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Fiat Always ❤

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